Winner at Data Journalism Awards 2016


Follow the environmental trace of the extractive industries in Peru

Photo: Tomas van Houtryve/VII. All rights reserved.

"Excesses unpunished" it's an investigative series developed by Convoca from the construction and analysis of the first database about the environmental obligations of the large mining and petroleum industry in Peru. The reportages and interactive tool in this project reveal, for the first time systematically, the situation of the environmental supervision and the behavior of the extractive industries that have an important weight in the Peruvian economy and a huge impact in the life of population on the Andes and the Amazon. More than 50% of the social conflicts in Peru are produced around these economical activities that are developed in places with a high level of poverty.

"Excesses unpunished" was developed for ten months from more than 100 requests for information to different state entities, the review of more than three thousand documents and interviews with more than 80 people. The development of the applications was focused on democratize the information not only for the citizens in Lima but also of the interior regions of Peru where the people directly affected by these economical activities live.

The investigative series “Excesess unpunished” won in the News Data App category of the Data Journalism Awards 2016. Read more about this important global award in data journalism here.


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